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bad lads

Young guys naked in public

Ever lusted after the school football captain? Ever got hot over the bit of rough in the school hockey team? Have you ever found yourself having to knock one out while thinking about the cute lad with the cropped hair and his tie halfway down his navel in class 3J? Did you ever quietly get hot and sticky thinking about the rugby college jocks? Did you ever see them out on the town and think " I wanna bit of that?" Well believe me you've come to the right place. Gallery after gallery is devoted to the hottest bad lads in town; authentic guys who if they knew you were gawping at their juicy cocks and getting a bit hot over their cute bubble butts would be more than tempted to take a swing at you...

lads naked

Bad lads strip and reveal their cocks

Filthy buggers keen to show their nads in public often do so in groups- which is all the better for us! What starts out as a dare turns into a right old display of guys stripping off, getting out their juicy fat cocks giving the crowds a day to remember...

student rugby team initiation

Straight lads stripped naked in public for initiation into the rugby team

Young lads who've just been packed off to college by Mummy and Daddy are frisky and looking for a good time. So where better than to be forced out of their clothes than on a rugby club initiation? The photos we find are jaw dropping as we find straight lads waste no time stripping their peers and putting them through a very public naked initiation.

stefan postma matthew bates photos and video

Cute sports stars revealed by their ex girlfriends -video and pics

It's not just yer lad next door who's got a dirty mind ! Oh no. Cute footballers Stefan Postma and Matthew Bates dumped their girlfriends rather unceremoniously- and then rued the day when they found their buddies had seen their intimate pics- and in Postma's case they saw his ex girlie giving him a bloody good fucking with a strap on dildo ! Doncha just love straight boys...

woodland prowler nude

Buff bare woodland prowler -videos

It's not everyday that you run into a cute good looking twinky type prowling around yer local woods naked is it? But then this is no ordinary kind of lad; Oh no. Watching this straight boy strut his stuff whilst completely starkers knowing he could get caught at any moment seems to get his cock a little excited we notice...

naked cyclist
frats naked

Frat boys strip for the crowd

Yes indeed the cuties here decide to strip naked on the university campus and fortunately some clear thinking student has a camera with them and snaps these lads as they work the crowd starkers. If it was their intention to get the girls juicing then it did the trick as one takes the back of her palm to the right lad's gorgeous butt in a hot cfnm moment. And lets face facts; with buttocks like that we'd rim that bastard to eternity given half a chance ...


Fresher initiations and fraternity rites

Inside is a huge archive of fraternity rites and initiations; no sooner have these boys left home than they're pulling each others pants down and making them parade their inviting tackle for the others to ogle. And why not? Fortunately for us once these lads have been pantsed they are usually placed 'center stage' and forced to strut their stuff naked for the brawling fraternities...


Military badlads get some national service - videos

These lads are going nowhere- until they try some national service. Real lads without any direction sign up and from then on they are stripped, inspected, and beasted- and quite right too! So if you've ever wanted to feel the tingle of seeing cute young thugs stripped naked and humiliated in front of their peers then these videos will have your pocket rocket spurting for the stars...

naked arrest

Naked and under arrest

When we saw these pics we nearly multipled on the spot. Nothing pops our corks more than the thought of being arrested whilst completely starkers and led away from the scene in public only to be taken to the cells by some horny uniformed officers for a "damned good talking to"...

webcam captures

Unsuspecting boys in webcam captures-videos

These lads are straight and think they're jacking for a cute girlie. How wrong can a boy be? Well judging by these videos, very very wrong. Cute as fuck, these boys position themselves at all angles in order to moisten us- which indeed they surely do. Not only that but these particular guys are really rather large. Enough to make your eyes water ...

naked sport

"Ja my boyfriend is a fuckink prat but if he vill climb ze rock zen I vill take pictures -ja ? "

Okay boys this is what happens when you show yer manly bits to yer girlie whilst out on an excursion. Rather less than amused by his debauchery, she captures his fit athletic body as he sweats his way up the rock and then sends the pics to her best friend who emails them to a buddy of hers ...


Streaking and naked dares -videos

We're seeing more of these particularly since the advent of camera phones. Bad lads with a bit too much to drink suddenly hit upon the novel idea that it would be a great idea to shock the world with their naked body. And how right they are ! Rather more to the point they'd be even more shocked to learn we've got those hot horny little camera videos right here and they're keeping us well juiced up...

naked band

Stripping stark naked in the mosh pit

This band and the others like it on have one thing in common. They like to play with their horny cocks out as they writhe to the music in front of the girls. All they have to do is pop some pills, down some alcohol, get their cocks out and sing for a shag...

sports and locker rooms

Naked in the locker rooms and the stalls -videos

These boys will never be the school swot- and thank heavens for that. These lads may have a less diligent approach to school work but when it comes to the important stuff like getting naked in the locker rooms these boys are unstoppable and the more they play with each other in the showers naked the hotter they get. If the sight of lads barely out of their teens fighting with each other starkers after a game turns you on, then these boys will have hit vour g spot. Cute well toned chavs in no hurry to dress give an eyeful as they barrack each other seemingly unaware of the camera recording ...

Bare assed on the street

It's a warm night and these boys aren't going home yet. After a hot night clubbing and a few too many E's these boys have developed into the sluts we've always dreamt they would be. Inevitably they get their pants down, their juicy dicks out and they parade their nads for the punters as the traffic roars by...

wank in public

Naked on the tube train? -videos

Not only is this bugger naked but he's wanking too. This video was found lurking inappropriately in a second hand video collection called 'Legends of the Silver Screen', having been purchased from an old thrift store . Either somebody was having a laugh or they forgot about this filth when they were clearing out their old vhs videos , - but if it was deliberate then good on yer mate !!

rugby tour

Ruggers play away on tour

We've heaps of filth, and a lot of it originates from quite a few club house walls. Straight rugby players the world over have known these secrets for years, but now you too can see the lads in the baths, enduring naked humiliations in public, pissing together, being stripped and put in bondage, zulus, Father Abrahams, rookie initiations, getting drunk and sharing beds together ...

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